Hospitals are under tremendous pressure to achieve a fine balance of quality care plus fiscal prudence. These factors are specifically burdened by the increasing complexities of efficient staff scheduling, employee hiring and training processes, and patient billing procedures, yet the need for premier patient care and safety remains above all.

We at the Fair Oaks Surgical Associates LLC, have a solution that will help you increase your hospitals efficiency and effectiveness today. Thank you for taking the time to read this material. We believe the services and staffing described here, in conjunction with your organizations first-class operations, will establish a better more streamlined system of surgical care while positively impacting your bottom line.

     Our associates present you with more than 100 years of high-level surgical training and experience, and the ambition to assist major medical facilities in providing better care in order to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the benefits of our proposed services.

     Providing quality surgical services is crucial to the financial viability of any hospital. To this end it can be said that staffing plays the most integral role in providing the first-class surgical care, most prominently affecting measures of patient safety and timeliness of care.

     Regardless of the facility in question, how it manages the complexities of quality, professional staffing can make or break the success of its workflow for surgical care. We offer a logical and purposeful system of outscoring this vital role at your hospital, taking the details of the important but time-consuming process of Surgical First Assistance staff management off your hands.

     Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC. was created for one single-minded purpose: to provide around-the-clock (24/7) Surgical First Assistance services covering to surgeons and hospitals. For that reason, we have invested ourselves in developing best-practice methods for providing the best quality care. Our industry-leading solution makes available a team of Surgical Assistants specifically chosen and trained for the purpose of integrating with new surgical staffs quickly and easily, and for providing the highest quality support. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC also manages all the administrative details from scheduling to billing so that hospitals can avoid tasking these duties and taxing its own staff.