Hospitals: Your Trusted Surgical First Assistants with a Trustworthy Solution

     The quality of a hospital is as strong as the staff that represents it. Attracting the best surgeons to your facility is vital to the quality of the institution. The top surgeons need the support of the best surgical assistants in the country. FOSA Surgical Assistants has the solution.

     FOSA Surgical Assistants is the only surgical assistant professional services company that gives a total solution to surgical needs. Our assistants come from a variety of backgrounds in the medical field, with decades of experience.

When you provide your surgeons with specialized surgical assistants in the Operating Room, the results are exceptional. We offer significant solutions – partnership and customization; with over 20 years of experience to bring efficiency and quality care that you expect.

Physicians/Surgeons: Your Surgical Assistants   

     The Operating Room is a stressful place. Surgeons need the assistance of qualified and trained professionals to ensure every moment is dedicated to the patient’s well-being. FOSA Surgical Assistants improves surgical case efficiency by providing skilled, properly credentialed and highly trained surgical assistants to support the surgeon’s every need. The surgical assistants we staff come with a variety of backgrounds, many foreign graduate physicians with a vast surgical knowledge, extensive medical training, and with decades of experience to assist surgeons in all surgical disciplines and sub-specialties. Our surgical assistants are available around the clock to anticipate and attend to your every surgical need.

     Utilizing FOSA Surgical Assistants’ staff will positively affect your bottom line as an excellent way to maintain cost efficiency while never sacrificing the quality of service. Each patient gets the same, top level of support from our assistants regardless of financial status. We serve many of the largest health facilities in the country.

A Career Solution

     At FOSA Surgical Assistants, we know that our services are only as good as the members of our team. We offer a complete solution to our assistants. Our Total Care philosophy ensures that surgical assistants have the freedom to focus on their craft and not get tied up in paper work.

     As the most trusted name in assisting, FOSA Surgical Assistants facilitates logistics between the assistant, surgeons and the hospital, such as: Training, credentialing, certification, and licensing.

     • Encouragement and support of continuing education, which allows you to advance your career and remain an integral part of the surgical team while backed by the leading company in the industry

We want our surgical assistants focused on doing what they do best…assisting surgeons.