Service Details

For the purpose of our proposed services to Fair Oaks Hospital, we have outlined the following details of our Surgical First Assistance Services:

1.1.1 Provide Services to all patients to all patients referred to or presenting themselves at the Unit. Such services shall be provided in accordance with professionally recognized standards of National Surgical Assistant Association (“NSAA”) or the American Board of Surgical Assistants (“ABSA”); (ii) applicable requirements of all federal and state laws, regulations, and licensing agencies; (iii) the standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (“JCAHO”); and (iv) applicable requirements of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

1.1.2 Provide a sufficient number of highly qualified Surgical First Assists, at its own expense to provide the level of patient services necessary for the proper functioning of the Unit of a twenty-four (24) hour per day, seven (7) day-per-week basis. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC will comply with the minimum coverage requirements.

In satisfying this obligation, Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC shall exercise such care and diligence as reasonably necessary to assure that there is reasonable continuity in its Surgical First Assistant personnel, that turnover among Surgical First Assistants in the Group remains at a minimum, that any Surgical First Assist turnover is not disruptive to the operations of the hospital.

1.1.3 Assure that each surgical Assistant: (a) is not or has been sanctioned or excluded by any government health program; (b) has been trained on the privacy and security of patient information as required under the Health Insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and regulations promulgated there under; and (c) meets the health requirements established by the Hospital. Each Surgical Assistant shall: (a) be certified by the ABSA or the NSAA; and (b) have a minimum of five (5) years surgical experience.

Additionally, Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC will perform a criminal background check on each Surgical Assistants prior to their assignment to hospital; Such Verification shall occur no more than twelve months prior to that date that the individual is assigned to the hospital. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC shall ensure that individuals, who have been convicted of felony or crimes involving theft, drug offenses or physical harm ot another, do not provide services at hospital. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC shall use an independent background investigation organization that is acceptable to the hospital to perform background checks. Ensure that all Surgical First Assists comply with applicable Hospital Policies and shall participate actively on all appropriate Hospital committees, as requested.

1.1.4 Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC will maintain, in cooperation with the hospital, reasonable efforts to (i) coordinate the needs of the Hospital’s Unit with other departments or areas in the Hospital for the purpose of minimizing patient waiting time; (ii) facilitate the smooth and efficient treatment of patients; and (iii) Prompt delivery of services to patients.

1.1.5 Ensure that all surgical First Assists reasonably comport themselves with courtesy and respect toward all patients, employees of hospital and physicians on the Hospitals Medical Staff at all times.

1.1.6 Participate with respect to the Unit in ongoing performance review and evaluating process with representatives designated by the Administrator.

1.2 Compliance Plans, the group shall cooperate with, and the extent reasonably possible, participate in the Compliance plan, Code of Conduct, and the compliance initiates of the hospital.

1.3 Licensure, Accreditation and Regulatory Review. Participate as requested by the Administrator in review process conducted by the state of Virginia, the JCAHO, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid and its contractors and all other entitles which license, accredit or regulate the Hospital its programs, and participate as appropriate in review process applicable to Hospital; and implement such action as is necessary to comply with the requirements as such licensing, accrediting, and regulatory entities with respect to the provision of services.

1.4 Education. Perform such teaching and related duties as necessary to maintain the education programs of the Unit. As requested, Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC will provide and participate in educational and in-service instruction and training programs for both new and existing personnel assigned to the Unit by the Hospital.

1.5 Records and Reports. Maintain all records necessary for the efficient operation of the Unit in relation to the Services for the financial audit of the Unit, and for the licensure, accreditation, and certification of the Hospital.

1.6 Professional Fees.

1.6.1 Develop and maintain a written schedule of fees that are reasonable and appropriate for Services rendered by the group in the unit. Such fees shall be in accordance with the usual and customary fees and charges payable by insures for surgical first assist services, where payment is make separate from the hospital surgical charge.

1.6.2 All duties and functions related to the billing and collection of professional fees shall be performed by Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC, or agents retained by it, at its own expense.

1.7 Professional Liability Insurance. Maintain, at its own expense, standard professional liability insurance coverage for all Surgical First Assists with: (a) a per claim Limit of not less than the then current cap on damages in a medical malpractice suit, as set forth in the State of Virginia, or in such higher amounts as the hospital may from time to time require of member so the Medical Staff. Group shall provide the Administrator with certificates from the insurance company or companies evidencing this coverage.