Our Services
     Surgical First Assistants are essential complement to the primary surgeon and provide additional safety and quality to the surgery. However, it can be difficult maintaining a staff that can appropriately meet the needs of the unpredictable.

     Schedule demands of surgery. This is why choosing a permanent service can be of value to your company. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC provides a higher level of qualified surgical assistants, with the following benefits to your hospital:

     • Increases patient safety by providing high quality personnel, offering continuity of treatment
     • Reduces delays in surgery that often prolong or even complicate patient issues
     • Eliminates concerns for addressing staff dissatisfaction, burnout, an concerns about quality of care
     • Saves money by reducing administrative time spent in staff scheduling patient billing
     • Quality assistants help reduce operating hours, saving doctors and hospitals time in surgery
     • Manages all insurance provisions with regards to Surgical Assistants

Our Expertise
     Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC utilizes highly qualified surgical first assistants certified by the National Surgical Assistants Associations as well as the American Board of Surgical Assistants. Our surgical assistants have from 10 to 25 years of operating room experiences in the field of general surgery, obstetrical surgery, gynecological surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery and others.

Program overview
     At Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC, we place the highest value on honesty and integrity. These tenets ensure that we deliver our services with transparency and help us to meet our desire to provide our clients with services that are the most efficient, skilled, and dependable in the market today. Our goal is Success, and this delivered with keen attention to detail in order to ensure that we always exceed our client’s expectations through in-depth surgical knowledge and experience, unsurpassed patient services, and the application of innovation technologies and strategies. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC, represents one of the most capable providers of Surgical Assistance Services. A snapshot of our services and capabilities are provided as follows:

     • Providing a sufficient number of highly qualified Surgical First Assistants, to provide the level of patient services necessary  fffffffor the proper functioning of the Unit on a twenty-four (24) hour-per-day, seven (7) day per week basis.
     • Develop and maintain a written schedule of fees that are reasonable and appropriate for services rendered
     • Provide qualified personnel, performing all appropriate background checks
     • Perform all necessary licensure, accreditation and regulatory review
     • Provide staff quality inspection reports, including al associated disciplinary measures
     • Provide training with regards to all associated hospital procedures and codes