A Beautiful Smile Makes a Great First Impression

Fair Oaks Surgical Associates L.L.C was founded in 2011. The private group provides a surgical first assistant service to the Inova Fair Oaks Hospital and the Northern Virginia Surgery Center. This team includes very skilled surgical associates with experience from 15 to 35 years.

The Value of Our Services

     Surgical First Assistants are an essential complement to the primary surgeon and provide additional safety and quality to the surgery. However, it can be difficult maintaining a staff that can appropriately meet the needs of the unpredictable Schedule demands of surgery. This is why choosing a permanent service can be of value to your company. We provide a higher level of qualified surgical assistants, with the following benefits to you:

       •  Increases patient safety by providing high quality personnel, offering continuity of treatment

       • Reduces OR delay by providing efficient & highly skilled surgical assistants improving Quality care & physician satisfaction

       • Eliminates concerns for addressing staff dissatisfaction, burnout, and concerns about quality of care

       • Saves money by reducing administrative time spent in staff scheduling and patient billing

       • Quality assistants help reduce operating hours, saving doctors and hospitals time in surgery

       • Manages insurance provisions with regards to Surgical Assistants

     Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC. was created for one single-minded purpose: to provide around-the-clock (24/7) Surgical First Assistance services covering to surgeons and hospitals. For that reason, we have invested ourselves in developing best-practice methods for providing the best quality care. Our industry-leading solution makes available a team of Surgical Assistants specifically chosen and trained for the purpose of integrating with new surgical staffs quickly and easily, and for providing the highest quality support. Fair Oaks Surgical Associates, LLC also manages all the administrative details from scheduling to billing so that hospitals can avoid tasking these duties and taxing its own staff.